In the early years of my professional career as  an advertising executive I discovered my interest for travel and discovering new destinations. It was so inherent in my profile that I was hired to do marketing and communications for a luxury resort-community in the east side of the island of Puerto Rico, Palmas del Mar.
Then, I continued my journey discovering more destinations and started working for the Puerto Rico Board of Tourism.
There is nothing I enjoy more than learning about different cultures, their food, their people, our differences and how we connect.
Curiosity led me to explore destinations such as:
Europe: UK, Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain.
Asia: China
South America: Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela.
Central America: Mexico and a few stops in Panama.
USA: New York, California, Texas, Massachussets, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and of course Florida.
Caribbean: US Virgin Islands, Saint Maarten, Aruba, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts, Dominican Republic and for obvious reasons my beloved Puerto Rico.
After years of working it behind the scene (and on the scene), I was strongly motivated to dedicate my time and expertise to help others achieve their dream travel and needs, and for that reason I was honored to accept the opportunity to become an agent for  Easy Escapes Travel Inc., a Travel Agency that has served thousands of satisfied clients for over 15 years. 

Annie Rodriguez-Mombille

Travel Consultant

Native of San Juan, Puerto Rico 
Currently a resident of Lake Nona in Florida


TOLL FREE: 1-800-294-6643