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The Seychelles are believed to be among the most beautiful islands in the world, are still incredibly unspoiled, despite attracting visitors year-round. This magical group of approximately 115 islands is located just off the East African coast in the Indian Ocean, north-east of Madagascar.

The island of Bali is located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia, situated between Java to the west and Lombok to the east.

Bali features several volcanoes, some active. The highest is Mount Agung, known as ‘Mother Mountain’. It is the highest active volcano sitting at an elevation of 3,031 metres.

Surrounded by coral reef, Bali features gorgeous beaches, with white sand in the south, and black sand in the north. 

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The island of Mauritius is more than a peaceful heaven floating in the warm Indian Ocean. This small volcanic island is surrounded by magnificent coral reefs and an abundance of exotic sea life. It's a most exotic island, with lush subtropical forests, over 80 different types of palm trees and craters and basalt rocks littering its interior.

Bangkok is the capital and largest city in Thailand. One of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities, Bangkok features modern buildings with awe-inspiring architecture, magnificent temples and palaces, authentic canals, and busy markets.

Bangkok is located in Thailand’s central plains, along the Chao Praya River delta, which empties into the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 25 kms south. Chao Praya River meanders through Bangkok from north to south, and once played an important role to the city’s inhabitants.

The Maldives Islands are an independent Republic of over 1,200 Coral Islands scattered across the blue waters of the Indian Ocean some 650 km South West of Sri Lanka. Its palm fringed islands, sparkling white beaches, turquoise lagoons, clear warm waters and captivating coral reefs abundant with varieties of marine flora and fauna draw pleasure seekers and sports enthusiasts alike. 

The Cook Islands contain some of the most diverse scenery of any island group in the South Pacific. The scent of frangipani lingers in the air, clear turquoise waters gently stroke the white sandy shores, and the gentle wind sways the fronds of coconut palms.
The magical tranquility is only matched by the people themselves. A smiling face greets you at every turn, the hospitality is warm and spontaneous, and the mood relaxed.

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Phi Phi Island

The Maldives

Samoa Islands 
Brushed by the cool trade winds of the South Pacific and in the very heart of Polynesia, lies the Samoan Archipelago. Samoa as opposed to America Samoa consists of 10 individual islands. 

The islands of history, myth and legends, and home to Samoans for thousands of years are islands of extraordinary beauty; where turquoise lagoons lap onto unspoiled white sand beaches lined with coconut palms, where cascading waterfalls, rich green rain forests, and mist enshrouded mountain peaks are all contained within a sparkling necklace of reefs. 


Only 45 minutes away from Phuket by boat, the Phi Phi Islands are a paradise with white sand beaches being lapped by a green blue sea. There are 6 islands of which only two are of interest, namely Phi Phi Don which is the largest and Phi Phi Lei, the island on which the movie, “The Beach’ was made in 2000.

As you approach the islands by boat, they suddenly rise up out of the sea and you are aware of sheer towering cliffs after which you then are confronted with beach-fronted jungle.


The Cook Islands


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